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I, like most of you, struggle with my own journey through grief. In 2016, my husband of almost 30 years was killed in an accident. That was the beginning of my journey and I wasn't sure I would survive the day let alone the months and years to follow.


During that time I learned how ill prepared we all are to face grief, I know I was. Grief is not something most people discuss. Grief makes people uncomfortable. What do people do when they are uncomfortable? We tend to either change the subject or run from it as fast as we can and hope it doesn't follow us! How do we learn to deal with grief if we pretend it's neve going to happen to us?


I believe if people understood how grief FEELS they could be better equipped to face it when their time comes. I believe if those that are supporting us on our journey have that same understanding they can give assist us in ways they wouldn't have considered before. 

To understand more about me and why I am doing this please read the blogs entitled "Let me introduce myself" and "Why am I doing this?" 

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