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Am I crazy?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

When I first started hearing, smelling, and sensing communication with my peeps on the other side, I frequently asked myself if I was crazy or if I was losing my mind!! When we are grieving everything is off kilter so it’s normal to question your sanity, at least it was for me. Because I was having so much trouble concentrating and organizing my thoughts, I questioned what was being shown to me from the other side. It took me quite a while to recognize these communications and to believe that they were real and not simply my imagination. It was after reading a few books on the afterlife and how they communicate with us that I opened my heart and soul and began to pay closer attention. Once I did, I realized they had been going on for a long time, I just wasn’t ready to receive and process the messages. I did some more reading and talked with people who had been through the loss of a loved one and found out we ALL get communications just in varying degrees and frequency.

I think it’s important that you understand, not everyone will receive the same kind of communications and the same volume of communications from your people. It will vary depending on what your relationship was like with them, what you need from them and what you are open to receive. For example, was your person animated and chatty when they were here on earth or were they more of the quiet strong type that gave you advice only when you asked? Their personality will be the same when sending messages now as it was when they are here. Are you asking them for signs and messages? Are you verbalizing what you need from them and telling them you want to hear from them? Transitioning to the other side doesn’t give them the ability to read your mind so you need to talk to your people. They see what is going on in your life but won’t know you are ready to hear from them if you don’t let them know. In my experience, once they knew I was ready and willing to hear from them, they became quite active! I also found that as I became more aware of their messages I no longer had to verbalize what I needed to my husband, he just seemed to know when I was thinking of him and needing some reassurance. But when he was here he had a way of knowing my moods and needs so perhaps that is why it is true today. I’m going to have to research some more to verify if this happens to others.

I want to expand on the last post and talk about some other ways you may receive messages from your loved ones.

Have you ever been in a room and you get a whiff of the cologne one of your peeps wore? It could be another smell you associate with them, cigarette smoke, pipe tobacco your grandpa used, apple pie you used to bake with your mother or any number of things that make you think of them. This is a hello and a hug from them saying I am here.

Dreams are a common way for them to speak to us. Some people dream frequently and say they are very vivid, as if that person is in the room with them! I have read that it is because their soul is there with that person at that time. I am envious of people who have these dreams. I am someone who rarely dreams or if I do dream, I rarely remember them upon waking. I have woken up knowing that something happened while I was asleep that had to do with one of my people, but I rarely remember any specifics. I have talked to people that had lengthy conversation through a dream with someone who had crossed over. Sometimes they are given answers to questions they have been agonizing over, sometimes they receive guidance they desperately need and sometimes they simply get messages of love from their peeps. If you are like me and don’t remember dreams, try meditation. Sometimes they chose this avenue to communicate with the same results as a dream.

Do you lose things often? Are you keys not where you left them or is the remote in another room even though you are positive you left it where it always is?? This goes back to the question “Am I crazy”. I frequently had this happen to me, things were not where I left them or things would be moved from their “normal” spot which of course made me question my sanity again! Once I began to really pay attention, I realized my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me, my people were!! If your person was a bit of a prankster when they were here on earth, odds are they will continue this from the other side. They are not going to choose this method of communication if they were a very serious person when here on earth or if they know these antics are not something you would receive well. There is nothing malicious about any of this, it’s just another way for them to say I am here with you and hopefully make you think of them and smile.

Does your dog bark at what you perceive as nothing? Do they look at an empty space with the same expression they used for your person when they were in the room? Do they seem to see something you don’t? Animals and children have a sense of knowing that we, as adults, do not have. They believe everything they see is true because no one has told them it’s not. I believe they possess an innocence that allows them to experience people from the other side in a way we can’t. My granddaughter was a year and a half when Mike died and for the first several months her reaction when I was in a room was incredible. Every time I entered their house, she would look at me and smile then lean to look over my left shoulder, point and laugh. She would cover her eyes and peek-a-boo with someone over my left shoulder. She would giggle, point and smile in a way that was different to anyone else. My middle grandson was 4 and a few weeks after Mike’s passing he was in his room playing. When he came out, I asked him what he was doing and he said “playing tractors with Grandpa”. My response was “He would like to be here playing with you” and he said “He does, we’re having fun” and walked into the kitchen as if there was nothing unusual about the conversation we just had. We all knew it was grandpa they were seeing. It helped knowing he was taking care of them and they were seeing him in a way we weren’t able to. As if it was their little secret form of communication.

Do you sometimes get chills when you talking about, thinking about, or talking to your person? It is said that is their soul moving through you to say they are with you at that exact moment, a spiritual hug if you will. Pay attention when you get those goose bumps and you will know it is them,

Do you see movement out of the corner of your eye? Do you sense someone in the room with you when you know you are alone? Do you ever hear someone say your name knowing no one else is around? These are actually more common that you may think. Seeing movement is not unusual. Since a soul is pure energy when it leaves the physical body it can move around us with relative ease. That movement may be them showing that they are here with you. Sensing their presence in a room or hearing them say your name are not as common but they do happen if you are really in tune with your surroundings. It is even possible to feel their touch. I was standing in my living room on the farm the spring after Mike died. I was watching a friend plant the crop for the season. This was the first time in almost 40 years that someone other than Mike was putting a crop in our ground. As I stood there watching, remembering all the times I witnessed my husband doing what he loved, with tears streaming down my face I felt a hand on my left shoulder. Normally I am a person who is startled easily but this was a light touch that came with a surge of energy that I can only describe as comfort and love. It gave me a sense of peace that I hadn’t felt before and a knowing that everything was going to be okay.

Some of you may be reading all of this with skepticism, I get that. It’s not an easy thing to wrap your head around that people who have crossed over to the other side can talk to us! It took me a while to understand my own experiences, but I believe it is a gift they give us to help us through our grief. When you first realize you are getting communications from the other side it can be seen as a blessing and a curse. My initial reaction was amazement and gratitude, I remember saying out loud “Oh my god you really are here!”. I was so excited that I could get communications from my husband! To know that he was hearing me when I talked to him and responding to me was incredible. At the same time my heart was filled with joy, my mind was saying “You can talk to me, but you aren’t physically here” which was frustrating. I struggled with knowing he was here and communicating with me but I wasn’t able to touch him physically, it seemed like a cruel joke. With time my head came to terms with it and I accepted that even if he wasn’t here with me physically I would relish what ever communication I could get from him! I knew that he was here to help me navigate my grief and figure out this new life of mine so I will take what I can get.

I believe our people know what we need to help us through our grief and will communicate what we need when we need it. Try to open your heart and mind to the possibility of your peeps sending you messages, they are really good at it if we let them in.

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