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Pennies from Heaven

I posed a question on Facebook a few weeks ago asking if anyone believed they received messages from their people on the other side. The response was mostly crickets which can mean several different things. It can mean you do not believe you receive messages or visits from your people, that you are not sure what kind of messages you could receive or that it’s none of my business what you believe. All of these are valid responses! If you are curious about how our people attempt to communicate with us, I think I can help you with what kind of signs you may get from them.

Some people think they don’t get messages from their loved ones. These messages can be subtle and you have to be willing to see them when they do arrive. There are so many avenues our people use to communicate with us and once we know what to look for, most of realize we have been seeing them all along but didn’t know what the signs meant. Not everyone is going to get the same types of messages though. How and when your person choses to communicate with you will vary from person to person but the avenues they use tend to be the same. Your loved one had their own personality and history with you which will also determine how they chose to let you know they are with you. They will show you something that has meaning to you and your relationship with your person. It might be a smell or a song that plays frequently, either way you will recognize it as something that was sent by them. The ways they send messages may be the same but the message you receive will be meant for you. You will know in your gut when they are speaking to you if you allow yourself be open to what they have to offer.

Lets talk about some of the common forms of communication and what they mean.

Everyone has heard the expression “Pennies from Heaven”. The value of a penny is 1 and the number one is synonymous with new beginnings, new ideas, progress and moving forward. Pennies found are said to be a message from your people on the other side. They are telling you to think positively and release your fears. They are saying you are connected to them, they are watching over you and they are guiding you. They are letting you know that when you think you are alone, you are not, they are watching over you and sending their love. This, as many other communication methods, can be seen as a wave and a hug from the other side, saying I am here when you need me.

Finding dimes is said to mean pay attention to your surroundings and learn to listen and trust your instincts. Your gut instincts will neve lie to you so release your fears and open yourself up to the guidance they are offering. Know that you are loved and supported by your people, your angels and your guides. They are here to help you move forward, you simply need to ask them for assistance.

Finding a feather, any kind of animal feather, is a reminder you are being closely watched over and guided. You are on the right track and where you need to be right now. Again, this is their way of saying I am here with you anytime you need help.

Butterflies are often seen as female figures, a mother or grandmother figure is present at that moment. If you have had a butterfly land on you or hang around you for longer than you would consider normal, odds are it is a female mother figure letting you know they are close and they send their love and support.

Cardinals are also considered a representation of a female you may have on the other side. I have heard so many stories of Cardinals suddenly showing up in places that have never had Cardinals before. One friend had a Cardinal show up at her house the day after her sister passed away. The Cardinal showed up daily and sat in the same spot watching through the window for several hours. That bird was there everyday for 3 weeks until the day she went back to work. The Cardinal showed up that morning, watched her for a while, tapped on the window with her beak and flew away. Now every year on the anniversary of her sisters passing a Cardinal comes back and sits in the same spot for the day.

Men tend to be represented by “masculine” birds such as Blue jays and Eagles. For me it was a Hawk. We had a lot of Hawks on our farm and that is a bird I associated with Mike since it was not a bird I was around until I moved to the farm. He thought of Hawks as strong intelligent creatures so when I see a Hawk I know he is sending his love and guidance. The same may be true for any animal you associated with your person when they were here on earth. If a duck had a special meaning to you and your person, it’s entirely possible they will let you they are with you by showing you ducks in unusually situations or things related to ducks. You will know if you listen to your gut that it is an instance where they are saying hello from the other side.

Have you had lights turn on or off on their own? Appliance turn on, Electronics acting oddly or lightbulbs burn out after a brief period of time? One of the easiest ways for them to say “I’m here” is to manipulate electricity. Electricity is pure energy, as are they, which makes it easy for them to use it as a way to communicate their presence.

Music is a powerful tool. You may hear a song that has meaning to you frequently when it was rarely heard before. You may hear a song you have heard many times but now hear lyrics or interpret lyrics in ways you had not in the past. You may hear a song you never remember hearing before that strikes you with emotion either from the name or they lyrics. Music was a big part of our lives and Mike had an ability to come up with who sang a song, the year it was published and they lyrics while I could barely remember the chorus of a song! I learned so much from him and we spent hours with the volume cranked and singing as if we could! So, music was bound to be a way that he was going to communicate with me, and man did he!! I heard songs in ways I had never heard them before, and there was one song that I began hearing frequently that I had don’t remember hearing in the past. It was called “Song for Susan” by Crosby, Stills & Nash. The first time I heard it I was driving home from work and I bawled the entire time (I became quite proficient at crying and driving). The first line of the song is:

If anyone wants to know where to find me

I’ll be right here in the warmth of your arms

Cause you are the one I can trust in

Not only is my name in the title, the lyrics hold a lot of meaning for me. I believe this song was put in front of me when I needed it, as a message of love from Mike. Even if music was not a big part of your life it is likely they will send you messages through song, cause who doesn’t like a great song??

There are many other ways of communicating that I will talk about in my next post. The bottom line is, they are making the effort to tell you they are here and that you are loved and supported. If you pay attention, I think you will find they are saying hello to you on a regular basis.

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