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In addition to providing support services, here is a list of resources on a variety of relevant topics. Some are articles or books that I have read or that have been recommended by others. There are services that may interest you and assist you with healing.

Another f*#cking bandage

Author - Sue Noll

book cover.jpg

Early on I knew that something good had to come from my husbands death. I wasn't sure what that would be until I was guided to write this book. This is not a book that will tell you how to navigate your grief, that is entirely up to you. It is a first hand look at what grief feels like. I believe if more people have an idea how grief feels they can be better equipped to face it when it is their time.

Jess Coleman - Spiritual teacher, counselor and channel

Jess Coleman

I met Jess about 6 months after my husband died. I sought her services as a medium and she was phenomenal! If you are wanting to connect with your loved ones I highly recommend you make an appointment with her. Check out her website for all she has to offer.

Life on the other side 
A psychics tour of the afterlife

Sylvia Brwn

Sylvia Brown has a number of books that talk about what life is like on the other side. I found it fascinating and very informative. Her perspective is only one of several I have read but it gave me reassurance that my people on the other side are in a good place! I have found most of her books on Amazon but I'm sure you can get them on other sites.

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